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Enchanted Sage Goats

Enchanted Sage

Registered Nubians

In 2018, at one of the fall fairs, my daughter decided it was time for her to have her own herd of goats! Alex has been helping me with my goats from the very beginning and some of her 4H friends have their own herds already. After several months of testing out how serious she was, it was clear this was no passing faze! She had already come up with a name idea, was planning her stall decorations for the next show season and had picked out a doe from my herd that would be her first foundation doe. I agreed to lease Wildhaven ML Reba to her to get started. She picked the buck to breed her too and spent the next 5 months eagerly awaiting her first kids.

With plenty of anticipation that she may have to spend some sleepless nights leading up to Reba kidding, Alex planned her "kid watch" routine where she would join me on my many treks out to the barn through the night (perhaps its time to invest in a webcam?!) On her first night, we went out for a late afternoon check . . . and Reba was just getting started! Lucky girl didn't have to spend a single sleepless night AND her doe kidded in the daytime on a warm day. So much for my warnings of sleeping in the barn with a pre labouring doe on a -20 night to make sure those kids are ok! Well, next year she won't get so lucky I'm sure . . .

With the birth of her first kid, which just happened to be a lovely doeling (could this kid get any luckier?!), and another doeling from my herd that she chose to be her 4H project and another foundation doe, Alex is going into 2020 with the beginnings of a fine herd of nubian goats of her own. I could see that Reba was not just a means to an end, this doe is a special one and so I officially transfered her into Alex's name. Her kid was registered with my herd name because we did not have a lease on file with CLRC but next year her kids will all be registered as "Enchanted Sage".

I am just as excited to watch Alex's herd grow as I am for my own!

Enchanted Sage Does
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Wildhaven ML Reba GP83

Wildhaven ML Poutine (leased for 2020)


Wildhaven ST Rennaisance

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